Monday, December 22, 2014

Hannah DeWitt's President Speech

Our current president once said, “If you are walking down the right path and you are willing to keep walking, eventually you will make progress”. That is what Autumn Daggett and I will do for you, we will walk down the right path and we will keep walking so that progress can be achieved because as President Obama also said,
“ If the people can not trust their government to do the job for which it exists- to protect them and to promote their common welfare- all else is lost”
and if nothing else you can place your trust in our hands, knowing that we will continue to walk for the progress of us all. It is our belief that this should be a goal for everyone, progress and improvement for oneself, their community and their country.
The Second Amendment and your constitutional right to bare arms is one that many feel very strongly about, and one which both myself and Autumn Daggett recognize as an important American freedom. It is a right which we wish to protect while at the same time maintaining the safety of all Americans. To achieve this goal we wish to strengthen the background check laws of our country in order to help ensure that those who should not own guns -for the reason that it would present a danger to our country’s citizens- can not gain access to firearms so easily. Part of this would be to change the laws surrounding gun shows and initiate background checks at these as well so that criminals and the mentally ill can not use this loophole to own guns and firearms.
Another important topic and issue we are facing today is immigration, it is our belief that deportation is in most cases not the most effective nor beneficial answer. Immigration is what this country was based on and it has been shown that immigration benefits our country in several ways. We wish to make obtaining citizenship an easier and more efficient process by offering civic classes to those who are serious in their wish to become an American citizen. In this way we will also increase the basis of knowledge in our country. Ms. Daggett and I also support amnesty for those escaping legitimate violence in their home country. It is our duty as a strong country to help those in need like we have always done.
We also believe that a tax reform is needed to more proportionally tax the top one percent and lessen the burden on the middle class and in turn strengthen the middle class. The middle class represents the average American, the people who need to be thought of, and their struggles considered, when taxes are being issued. Our goal is to keep America strong and if we as a country create a better balance, it will help decrease the national debt that we must escape from. It will also help strengthen our country as a whole, and secure our place in the global economy. Finally we would like you to know that we strongly support the vision of freedom and liberty for all. We believe in equality for every American citizen and the elimination of discrimination by disability, race, gender or sexual orientation. If elected these are the values that we will strive towards, this is the path that we will walk down and continue to walk down for progress.
Democracy is what our country is built on, what we, as a country strive for every day. To have rights and the chance to elect our government officials. To be able to freely express our opinions, the rights that so many fought for before us and the rights that we so often take for granted. Our founding fathers very clearly had this vision of democracy in mind when they established our government and voting system. Your vote represents these things, the power of democracy. This is what Ms. Daggett and I stand for, the rights of the people, the way government should always be. Vote to carry on democracy with a vote for the people who will represent you and what is best for us as a whole. Thank You.

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