Autumn Daggett

Autumn Daggett was born in Exeter New Hampshire on September 2, 1999. She was raised in Brookfield New Hampshire by her parents, Erin and Andrew Daggett and has two younger sisters.  Autumn first met Hannah DeWitt in 7th grade during band at Kingswood Regional Middle School. She currently attends Kingswood Regional High School and also is an excellent honors student with the second highest GPA in the class, as well as green and white scholar status. Being a Representative in the sophomore class Student Council shows how much she cares about hearing the voices of the many students in the community and taking action upon their request.  Autumn is very involved in school activities; she is a part of the astronomy club, did summer theatre for seven years at the Kingswood’s Art Center and is also currently a part of Kingswood Theatre Program. While in theatre, the cast and crew that she worked with competed in NHTG festival and made it to states and won the Sarah P. Bunkley Award for Best Technical Element. She is also a very passionate writer who writes most of Kingswood Theatre’s articles, attends a Writer’s Academy at UNH during the summer, has been part of the school newspaper, and has submitted work to the school’s literary magazine, Wheel Bug, as well as served as an editor. Outside of school she is also very interested in music. She plays piano and is currently learning to play guitar. She showed off her musical talent when she auditioned to be in the acapella group, Route 28. Outside of school she participates in her community by being a good citizen and volunteering every summer in the Maine Special Olympics for people with intellectual disabilities, as well as working at a Special Olympics Summer Camp. In addition to volunteering, she also is an independent entrepreneur who works with low income families.  Her job gives her an insight to the day to day struggles they face, which is one of the reasons she is working to give them a tax reform.

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