Hannah DeWitt

Who exactly is Hannah DeWitt and why should she be your president? Hannah Dewitt is like any other teenager and was raised by her parents, Kirk and Carole Dewitt in Tuftonboro New Hampshire . She was born at Huggins Hospital on January 23,1999 in Wolfeboro. She has a younger brother named Nick DeWitt who she gets along with very well. DeWitt is currently attending school at Kingswood Regional High School in Wolfeboro where she is an honors student with the highest GPA in her class. She also does extra curricular activities which include soccer, basketball, and swim team. Her athletic career is a great example of her success in communicating with others and her ability to work as a team. Hannah has also displayed her leadership skills as the captain for her swim team, the Tuftonboro Torpedoes.  Outside of school she shows her devotion to being a good citizen in her community by participating in Wolfeboro parades and volunteering at the library. She also is currently running a book drive at the school to provide for those in the community who are not able to afford simple luxuries like owning books.

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