Abortion:  The democratic platform of Dewitt and Daggett strongly supports a woman’s right to choose abortion.  Regardless of the situation, whether it was her choice or not to engage in sexual intercourse, it is her body, therefore it is her right to choose what she wants to do with the child. Under the 14th Amendment or due process clause, a woman's right to privacy is protected, including the right to an abortion.  Dewitt and Daggett also support the woman’s right to choose. Lastly, they support the investment in embryonic stem cell research using umbilical cords.

Right to Bear Arms:  On the topic of open fire arms, the democratic platform feels that if the government strengthens its gun control, it will reduce violence across the country.  Ms. DeWitt and Ms. Daggett recognize and respect that it is an American right protected under the 2nd  Amendment that citizens have the right to own and use firearms. It is their initiative that they would like to better enforce existing laws and strengthen the background check system.  Gun violence is a huge problem in the United States, but if Americans work together to mandate safety and common sense around guns, it will go a long way.  By reinstating the assault weapons ban and closing the gun show loophole, it will be lessening the chances that guns will fall into the hands of the very few who lack the common sense and responsibility needed to properly possess these weapons.

Immigration:  Ms. DeWitt and Ms. Daggett support the Dream Act, which ensures that young people who promise to contribute to our society and serve our country have the opportunity to become legal residents and ultimately citizens.  The Democratic platform also feels that undocumented immigrants that are currently working hard in our country should have the opportunity to become full citizens.   While working with neighbouring countries to strengthen security against those who mean to harm the United States, Ms. DeWitt and Ms. Daggett will work to offer more opportunities for those who desire an American citizenship by offering language and civic education classes.

Tax Reform: The debt of our country is a lingering issue that needs to be solved.  Taxes are one way that this plea for help can be answered.  The Democratic platform believes that taxes should be reduced for working families, but not for the 1% of our country who make 50% of the money.  It is unfair for families who already struggle to afford every day necessities to pay the same percentage of their income as those in the upper class.  If  this balance is adjusted, Ms. DeWitt and Ms. Daggett feel it will better optimize the tax intake.

Civil Rights: The Democratic Platform will continue to lead the fight to end discrimination and hate crimes based on the disability status, race, religious beliefs, gender, and sexual orientation of good American people. The immortal declaration that “All men are created equal” will be held up in high standing with the underlined hurdles this country needs to jump.

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